Living in a multicultural society

A Veteran’s Day Essay by Leah Flood

I am proud of our country because today we are able to live together in a mixed group of different people. What I mean by “mixed group of people” is that we are able to be around one another whether one is white, black, brown, yellow, or red. That’s the great thing about today’s changes in life. In the olden days white children’s parents’ wanted nothing to do with other children that were not their color. The parents either thought that they would be a bad influence or it would ruin their children’s life.

Our country should be proud of the change that we have made. If we were not a Multicultural Society then possibly the technology that we have today might not even have happened or existed! Even if we did live in a non-multicultural society I would have no idea how my life or anyone else’s life would be without our good friends and family. Because some of us are not all the same race as our other friends and family. It would be a very depressing thing, because while half of the friends are having a good life the others might be waiting to be sold into slavery.

Mentioned earlier in this essay there are people who are very offended by having other races around their family. That kind of person can be called a racist. It may just seem like racist can be just a strong opinion of someone – which it is, but it also is a law not to be racist in some countries. Being racist may be funny to one, but it is very hurtful. No matter what ethnicity or color, every single person is the same. Therefore we should all be treated equally and fairly. If you are racist then you might find it hard finding a job. Some business owners strongly dislike people that are judgmental or racist. Being a colored person myself it doesn’t seem to differ who I am around. It’s exactly like being around people like you.

People that really do care about others would try to stop people from hurting one another and also tell the one who is being judgmental to take action and stop.  That’s why I am proud of our country, for making tremendous change.


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Wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, writer, veterinarian, owner of Daniel Island Animal Hospital and child of God
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